On March 25, Billboard's Music & Money event returns as the next installment of the Billboard Pro Spotlight series. Over the past year, music rights values have skyrocketed, as low interest rates, optimism about the future of streaming, and the promise of reliable cashflow have drawn institutional investors into the business. But what kinds deals, and returns, are these investors after? How long can valuations continue to rise? And what do all of these record-setting transactions mean for the music business overall?
Music & Money will deliver insight from top executives at Truist Financial and Vine Alternative Capital, dealmakers Michael Poster(Michelman & Robinson) and Fred Davis, and publishing CEOs Mary Megan Peer (peermusic) and Joshua Gruss (Round Hill Music). Bernstein Private Wealth Management Vice President Dan Weisman will show creators smart ways to think about how to decide whether or not to sell their rights. If they choose not to, they have more options than ever, thanks to companies like the sponsor of this Billboard Pro Spotlight, Sound Royalties – and CEO Alex Heiche and producer David Tickle will discuss how it can advance money against future royalties, so creators can access capital while keeping their rights.
The livestream will air at 12 p.m. EST with panel videos living here afterwards. If you're a Billboard Pro member, you already have access. If you're not a member, use code PROSPOTLIGHT before April 2 for 50% off your new membership at
"Hustle and (Royalty) Flow"

And now a word from our sponsor: Sound Royalties.
The market for music copyrights is hotter than ever, but selling isn't for everyone. Sound Royalties can advance creators money against future royalties, while letting them retain their rights. An interview with Sound Royalties CEO Alex Heiche and client David Tickle – a British record producer who has worked with U2, Prince, Blondie, Joe Cocker, and Split Enz, among many others – moderated by Billboard deputy editorial director Robert Levine.
"How High"

The value of publishing catalogs keeps rising, fueled by a combination of low interest rates, the search for counter-cyclical investments and optimism about the streaming-focused future of the music business. But how high can multiples get — and what kind of time horizon should investors think about?
Moderated by Billboard deputy editorial director Robert Levine
Fred Davis, partner, the Raine Group
Joshua Gruss, CEO, Round Hill Music
Mary Megan Peer, CEO, peermusic
"To Sell Or Not To Sell?"

Maximizing the value of a publishing catalog is a complicated financial decision that involves predicting the future value of rights, considering potential alternative investments and discussing tax implications. One tool that can help: Bernstein Private Wealth Management's Catalog Sale Wealth Forecasting System, which can crunch the numbers for various scenarios. An interview and demonstration with Bernstein Private Wealth Management vice president Dan Weisman, moderated by Billboard editorial director Hannah Karp.
"What Buyers Want"

Who are today's investors, what are they shopping for, and how are they financing the deals? With so much institutional capital now flowing into music rights, here's how the funds behind it contemplate their goals and where they will drive the market from here.
Moderated by Billboard editorial director Hannah Karp
Rob Amir, partner, Vine Alternative Investments
C.J. Johnson, managing director of investment banking, internet, media and entertainment group, Truist Securities
Michael Poster, Esq., partner/head of corporate and securities group, Michelman & Robinson