Old Dominion's National Tequila Day Playlist Guarantees a Good Time & No Hangover

Old Dominion
Mason Allen

Old Dominion

While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will likely halt group celebrations for today’s (July 24) National Tequila Day, that doesn’t mean you can’t still pour out a shot or two of your favorite brand and toast to much, much better times.

The men in Old Dominion have a fondness for tequila, as the meme below from their Twitter account suggests, so they prepared a playlist of their favorite drinking songs— some about tequila, others not.

“If you drink alcohol, chances are you’ve got at least one Tequila story,” says frontman Matthew Ramsey. “Tequila changes people. For me, it’s a mood elevator. I tried to pick songs for this playlist that do the same thing. I picked songs that change the vibe around me and lift my spirits. Pun intended.”

Guitarist Brad Tursi adds, “Tequila is a vibe. All these songs are too. Put them together and it’s good times for sure.”

Below, listen to their full playlist, and see explanations from each member for their picks (their choices are designated by their initials).

Grab some salt and a lime and remember to drive responsibly.

“Tequila Sunrise,” Eagles
“This song reminds me of how tequila can make you say “well I’m never doing that again” only to end up doing it all again the next night.
‘Take another shot of courage…’” (Matthew Ramsey)

“Totally Together,” Jackie Mittoo
“Jackie is talking a good game on this track. I doubt he is actually ‘totally together,’ but neither are you, probably.” (Whit Sellers)

“Natural Mystic,” Bob Marley
"A solid example of Bob Marley and the Wailers’ ability to hit you with a laid back, good feeling groove while delivering heavy lyrical content. I wish this one had made the ‘best of’ album so more people got to hear it.” (Geoff Sprung)

“You and Tequila,” Kenny Chesney featuring Grace Potter
“The title. The song. The truth.  The tequila. That’s Kenny and Grace Potter with ‘You and Tequila.’” (Brad Tursi)

“Slow Burn,” Kacey Musgraves
“‘Slow Burn’ is the first song out of the gate on Golden Hour, and it showcases everything that makes Kacey such a great artist. Clever lyrics, ear-worm melodies and vocals that sound effortless and hypnotic, all creating a landscape that transports you to another place.” (Trevor Rosen)

“Love All Night (Work All Day),” Yola
“Yola makes me believe it when she says ‘ain’t nothing wrong with living’ day to day.’ Cheers to that.” (MR)

"Ease Back,” The Meters
“This is the best funky Meters song, maybe the best song ever. Try to be in a bad mood while this song is on. Seriously try it.” (WS)

“Waiting On A Friend,” Rolling Stones
“All of the classic Stones swagger but a little softer around the edges. That relaxed approach left room for the perfect sax solo from jazz legend Sonny Rollins.  (Go listen to his album Saxophone Colossus when you get a chance.)” (GS)

“Chan Chan,” Buena Vista Social Club
“‘Chan Chan’” puts me in that otherworldly place. Just like tequila!” (BT)

“Slip Slidin’ Away,” Paul Simon
“Every time I listen to this song it is an instant vacation. It makes me feel like I just sat down with my first drink of the day in a beach town somewhere, with nothing to do but watch the rest of the day breeze by.” (TR)

“Visions,” Maroon 5
“The mix of modern production and old school reggae feel on this track makes me feel drunk already. Perfect accompaniment to some sunshine and tequila.” (MR)

“Tequila,” The Champs
“The original. The one in Pee Wee's Big Adventure.” (WS)

“I'm a Ram,” Al Green
“When I drink tequila with my friends, I want to be relaxed, smiling and laughing. If the first seven seconds of ‘I’m a Ram’ don’t make you lean back and smile at least a little, you’re either a robot or dead inside.” (GS)

“Girl from Ipanema,” Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto
“‘Girl from Ipanema’ reminds me of turning 21 in the British Virgin Islands  My family played this record the whole trip while we sailed. Some great memories.” (BT)

“One Of These Nights,” The Eagles
“There’s something about the opening bass line when this song comes on that makes me feel like I’m a character in a movie that has just begun and the opening credits are happening. By the time the chorus hits, I’m rolling down the Strip in full Scorsese mode.” (TR)